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1-2-1 Bespoke Training

The monthly online coaching plan is my most inclusive package on offer. This monthly membership is exclusive to a limited number of clients and includes weekly check-ins with scheduled video chats, fully customised training plans, recipes and suggested meal plans and 24/7 online chat support. Each plan is fully customised to your lifestyle, resources and preferences! We use 1 month as the minimum time scale to ensure we can understand how you and your body respond to training and so we can get the best out of you. We want people to achieve real, long lasting results and we feel less time than this will not achieve the lifestyle changes you need to sustain your progress. This is the most comprehensive plan available to ensure you reach your goals in the shortest possible time frame with fully tailored training to your needs!

Plan Includes

  • Programs that are catered to your individual needs based on your time available, the equipment found in your gym/home etc, your individual progression as each week passes

  • Updates to your plan according to your progress, monitored by weekly check ins

  • Daily support for any issues that you may have while progressing forwards

  • Nutritional guidance based on how your body responds to your training and eating

How it works

  • Once purchased we will create our first video call so that we can have a chat and I can better understand your needs
  • As you record your workouts I can monitor and make adjustments for each week
  • With weekly pictures we can then monitor your progress more accurately (if you wish)
  • We will keep a track of your food and water consumption also
  • After each of our weekly video chats I can update your program where required to achieve the best results possible
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